Facebook Announces Live Audio Rooms



Facebook Introduces a Sound Studio in Your Pocket

Facebook has been paying attention to the continuous rise of audio on its platforms, which includes the likes of Messenger and Whatsapp. The one challenge it discovered among its users is finding the right tools for audio creation, whether it’s sending voice notes or sound clips. It believes it has found a solution in the latest Live Audio rooms being developed.

 As with Facebook’s diverse range of tools when it comes to images and videos, it wants you to feel like a professional when creating audio content. It’s steadily been investing in technology, such as voice morphing and speech-to-text, which will become available within Facebook applications. You can also access the Sound Collection library to add some music in the background.

While Facebook claims the new Live Audio Rooms connected to this advancement is inspired by user content, it’s not a far stretch to see the social media giant threatened by Clubhouse. With this feature, you can engage with others in verbal discussions about your favorite topics. Even public figures will be able to engage with followers in open interviews or chats

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