Facebook to remove messaging from mobile app, forces you to download Messenger

Lewis Leong


Facebook is stripping the messaging feature from its mobile apps. The company wants to keep Messenger separate from its main app, forcing users to download yet another app.

However, there are benefits of removing messaging from Facebook. Firstly, the messaging experience in the Facebook app is sub par. The Messenger app is much more powerful, and uses Chat Heads for quick access on Android. Secondly, the Facebook app will be smaller and quicker after messaging is removed. Those who don’t use Messenger will get a faster Facebook experience and those who do use Messenger will get a better experience with the stand-alone app.

Facebook to remove messaging from mobile app, forces you to download Messenger

There are a few Facebook apps that will retain messaging. Paper, the company’s news feed app will still contain messaging. Facebook also detects low-spec Android devices and will keep messaging. The mobile web version of Facebook will also keep messaging.

The Messenger button will remain in the Facebook app but will bounce users into the Messenger app when tapped.

Messaging is at the forefront of Facebook’s mobile strategy. It’s never been more apparent since the company purchased WhatsApp for $16 billion in February. With two messaging products, Facebook can target different parts of the world. While WhatsApp dominates in Europe and South America, Facebook Messenger dominates in the US. It is currently the ninth most downloaded free app in the US, beating out Snapchat at the time of this writing.

Facebook will begin stripping messaging from its mobile apps in two weeks in select European countries. There’s no word when US users can expect the change to roll out.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment and will update this when we hear back.

Via: The Verge


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