First Tests of Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms Go Live

Nacho Mascort


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, Hosts the First US Live Audio Rooms Test 

In April earlier this year, Facebook announced a new feature called Live Audio Rooms that will let you create professional audio content. There’s been some testing in Taiwan during May, which included some leading public figures. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg stepped up as CEO to host the first live testing for the United States.

What the live audio testing revealed is that there’s a massive focus on gaming at the moment. Zuckerberg spent a massive amount of time chatting to fellow Facebook officials about what’s trending in the gaming industry and which titles they were streaming. 

Even when it came to discussing new FB features, the team analyzed a new post called “Looking for Players” that would reach out to other gamers in the community. If you’re a partnered creator on the Facebook Gaming platform, you’ll enjoy the new Fan Groups feature. 

First Tests of Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms Go Live

Back to the Live Audio Room testing, the platform played out much like Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse. You’ll see the event hosts at the top of the screen in adorable round icons, while everyone else will appear at the bottom. There’s also a space in the center between the two sections that showcases the top followers.

When someone is speaking, a glowing ring will appear around the icon. One of the FB badge features that appears is a blue tick by a verified profile. All in all, Facebook seems to have brought a decent live meeting area to challenge its competitors.

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