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The Best Social Networking Sites

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Human beings are (generally) social animals by nature, so it comes as no surprise that the rise of social media has been one of the world’s greatest digital milestones. These sites let you communicate with people all over the planet in real time, connecting with others like never before. Whether you love sharing photos or videos, or you’re just a person who has a lot to say, social media is an ideal place to express yourself and be heard.

Today, you have hundreds of social networking sites right at your fingertips. There are all kinds, ranging from highly specialized platforms to ones that simply let you share every aspect of your life with other users. Knowing how to choose the best site is essential in order to make the most of everything social media has to offer.

To help you find the perfect network, in today’s article, we’re going to share a roundup of the best social media platforms out there, which are also the most popular ones in the world. Because obviously, it would make no sense to join a social network with a limited number of users. We hope you find it helpful!

1. Facebook

With more than a billion users, Mark Zuckerberg’s network takes the crown as the world’s most popular social media platform. Nowadays, it would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t know what Facebook is or have an account on this versatile social networking site.

Facebook is designed to let you share any moment of your life or thought with friends and family members. It has so many users that you can find virtually anyone by running a simple search. Could there be a more perfect way to reconnect with childhood friends or get to know your coworkers, neighbors or acquaintances better?

You can even buy and sell items in Facebook’s marketplace, use its popular messaging service, make video calls and broadcast live videos. It therefore comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most multifaceted social networking sites around.

Creating an account on Facebook is absolutely free, you just need to be over the age of 14 and click here. You can also use Facebook and its messaging service, Messenger, on a convenient mobile app. Click below to download both of them quickly and easily.




Messenger DOWNLOAD

2. Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site that lets you share your most special photos as a way of connecting with others. Unlike similar platforms, Instagram revolves around photos and videos, so it’s the perfect choice for audiovisual fans.

With thousands of active users, Instagram is one of today’s most popular social networking sites. Since it’s a highly visual network, Instagram is packed with tools to help you create the perfect image. You’ll find hundreds of fun filters and special effects, guaranteeing that your pics and videos will always turn out exactly as you want them to. What’s more, Instagram has a messaging service and lets you create temporary posts known as “Stories.”

If you want to try Instagram, you can check out the website here. You’ll also need to download the app, which you can do quickly and safely below.

Instagram DOWNLOAD

3. Twitter

Twitter is the famous 280-character social networking site inspired by the old saying “a little birdie told me…” It lets you share news, feelings, thoughts, images and basically anything you want. The only rule is to never go over that character limit. The rest is up to you!

With 340 million active users, Twitter is the perfect social media platform for sharing news at lightning speed. In fact, in recent years, Twitter has become an indispensable tool used by media outlets, journalists and local authorities to transmit information to the public instantly.

If you’re one of those people who likes to eat breakfast every morning while reading the newspaper, we highly recommend Twitter. Moreover, using its powerful hashtag (#) system, you can find information about any topic you’re interested in without the need to follow specific users.

You can visit Twitter’s official website here and download the mobile app quickly and safely below.


4. YouTube

YouTube is a social networking site whose content-sharing is centered on videos. Browsing through YouTube, you’ll find all kinds of videos, ranging from music videos and movie trailers to educational clips, cooking shows, and people demonstrating all kinds of curious talents.

YouTube currently has more than two billion active users, and with more than a billion hours of video each day, it’s the ultimate platform for multimedia content. That’s why YouTube is the perfect social networking site if you enjoy watching videos or sharing your creations on your very own channel.

If you like to create videos or want to attract followers by showing your talent in front of the camera, YouTube is the social network you’ve been looking for. To start using it, you just need a Google account (get one here), and you can visit the website here. You can also download the mobile app below.


5. TikTok

A social media platform geared towards a younger crowd, TikTok features lighthearted content based on fun videos. Having reached its zenith in 2020 (especially during the months of confinement), TikTok is a hit with millennials and anyone who’s looking for fast, viral entertainment.

Tik Tok currently has 800 million users and is one of today’s most talked about social networking sites. You can use it to record all kinds of videos and enhance them with countless special effects. One of TikTok’s strong points are its challenges from user to user, which go viral online in a matter of seconds.

If you’re looking for an social network that’s unabashedly fun, TikTok is an excellent option. Check out the website here or download the mobile app below.


6. LinkedIn

So far, we’ve talked about social networking sites designed for sharing thoughts, photos, videos and challenges, but… did you know there are also platforms that can help you find a job? The best example is LinkedIn, which has become a fundamental tool for job seekers and HR recruiters.

The way LinkedIn works is very simple. Users create an account and list their professional experience on their page in CV format. This information is backed by a network of professional contacts who can recommend them and connect them to potential jobs.

Every year, thousands of LinkedIn users find jobs through this social media platform, making it one of the most useful sites on this list. To learn more about LinkedIn, visit the website here. You can also download the mobile app quickly and safely below.


7. Pinterest

It might fly under the radar a bit more than the others, but Pinterest is an interesting social networking site designed for sharing ideas through photos and videos, as opposed to sharing messages and snippets of your life with other users.

This social media platform features countless photos in the form of pins. They can be about literally anything, from illustrations to photos of furniture, wedding centerpieces, or ideas for exercise routines to do at home. You can even find a wide variety of hairstyle tutorials. When you find something you like, just pin it to your albums for easy access whenever you need it.

Pinterest is an especially interesting site for artists who need albums or photos for inspiration, and for professionals such as interior designers and wedding planners. You can check out the website here or download the mobile app quickly and safely below.

Pinterest DOWNLOAD

We hope our roundup of the best social media platforms has been helpful to you. Did we forget any sites that you think should be on this list? Tell us about them in the comments section!

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