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The most important privacy tricks for Facebook

Nacho Requena Molina


Facebook is still reeling from one of the company’s most significant security breaches. Thousands of users around the world decided to delete their accounts after millions of accounts were compromised, while others simply stayed on the social network to wait for improvements. Beyond the usual privacy settings, we’re going to teach you the top five privacy tricks for Facebook.

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Hide your posts

Every time you write a post on Facebook, carefully check the box to the bottom right of “News feed.” As you can see, here you can set the privacy level of the post you’re writing. You can choose “Friends Only,” “Friends of Friends” or “Public” for everybody to see. Likewise, you can also change these settings once posted. Just click on the icon that appears by the publication date and change the setting of “Who should see this?”

Use restricted lists

This feature is a little more hidden, but it’s worth knowing about: restricted lists. Restricted lists give you the option to move certain contacts into a specific category. This is similar to blocking the user, but they won’t notice a thing (you even stay on their friends list). Just go to the profile you want to restrict, click on “Friends” in their cover photo and then “Add to another list.” Here several categories will appear, but you’re interested in the last one “Restricted.”

Manage who can contact you

Want only a few people to be able to contact you? In general, Facebook enables public mode by default, so anybody can add you as a friend or send you a message (it’s another thing if you accept or read them, of course). However, it’s possible to change this. Just head to “Settings,” “Privacy” and change the options under the field “How people find and contact you.”

Disable others’ posts on your timeline  

In the point above, we showed you how to restrict contacts; now we’re going to do the same for comments on your timeline. Right under the previously mentioned category “Privacy,” you’ll see one called “Timeline and tagging.” If you go here, you can change all these settings, including who can post on your wall or photos you’re tagged in.

Hide your data

The last trick or tip is to hide your personal data on Facebook as much as possible. People that haven’t added you may still be able to see lots of your private info. To change this, just go to your profile and click on “About.” In each one of the categories, you can change who can see what. Our advice is that you set it to “Friends Only” or “Friends of Friends” maximum. Never “Public.”

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