The Softonic Minute: Heartbleed, Twitter, Facebook and Windows XP

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz


Heartbleed leaves a majority of the internet vulnerable, Twitter gets a redesign, Facebook forces users to switch to Messenger, and Windows XP gets its final update. Check out this week’s biggest software news in The Softonic Minute.

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The Softonic Minute: Heartbleed, Twitter, Facebook and Windows XP

“Heartbleed” security bug leaves majority of the web vulnerable

A security bug in the OpenSSL library has left the data of millions of users exposed. The bug, known as Heartbleed, has been sitting undetected for two years, with thousands of websites having been affected. We’ll take you through exactly what Heartbleed is and how you can protect yourself in this article.

Twitter rolls out new profile to all users

Twitter got a radical redesign this week, opting for a more user-friendly interface similar to social media rival Facebook. Twitter hopes that the new design will be more user-friendly for newcomers.

Facebook to remove messaging from mobile app, force you to download Messenger

Facebook is stripping the messaging feature from its mobile apps, keeping Messenger separate from Facebook and forcing users to download yet another app. What do we think about it? Check out our opinions.

Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

Microsoft has abandoned Windows XP, one of the most popular versions of its OS. Instead, the folks at Redmond want users to download and install the updated version of Windows 8. You can get all the info you need about the end of XP support here.

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