Facebook for Windows Mobile

The social networking site in the palm of your hand

Facebook for Windows Mobile gives you quick access to the social network from your mobile device. View full description


  • Effortless way of checking Facebook
  • Easily add photos and videos to Facebook
  • Phonebook section
  • Lets you quickly send messages to your friends
  • Full-screen photo viewer


  • Doesn't offer full range of Facebook features
  • Picture load speed can be slow


Facebook for Windows Mobile gives you quick access to the social network from your mobile device.

What can you do with Facebook for Windows Mobile?

Facebook for Windows Mobile acts as a scaled-down, pocket-sized edition of the social network. Although it doesn't contain all the bells and whistles of the bloated Web-based version, you could argue that this version of Facebook is even better than the real thing.

You won't be able to access advanced features, run applications, or use the instant messenger, but the scaled-down interface cuts out a lot of the crap that has come to distract from the task of checking how your friends are doing.

The user interface houses a toolbar with five icons - Home, Profile, Friends, Messages, and Phonebook. The 'Home' section allows you to view either the news feed (your friend's status updates, wall posts, photos, events, etc.), or just status updates.

The 'Profile' tab gives you a clean breakdown of your latest wall posts, personal info and photos. Again, all of these can be viewed separately using the tabs at the top. 'Friends' lets you scroll through your list of Facebook buddies or search for a name. You can open a friend's profile just by clicking on their face. The 'Messages' tab shows you all of your sent and received mail.

Call your Facebook friends directly

One of my favorite things about Facebook for Windows Mobile is the 'Phonebook' section. Select the phone icon and it will display an A-Z list of all the Facebook contacts who have registered their phone number on the site. You can then call any of these with a simple tap. Unfortunately, there's no way of exporting these contact details to your phone's contacts book, though.

Another great thing about the app is the ease in which it lets you add photos and videos to Facebook, giving you the option to capture/record a video or photo before sending it, or grab an existing image or video from your device. I also liked the full screen photo viewer in the program, although pictures can be a little slow to load.

If you want to be connected to Facebook at all times, I can't recommend Facebook for Windows Mobile highly enough.



Facebook for Windows Mobile